Genius Junior Game Show

I worked with TV producers and Neil Patrick Harris to perfect the scripting and content in a pilot production to be pitched to NBC. Throughout my recurring appearances in pilot episodes, I was able to memorize a random deck of 52 cards in order, navigate around the NYC subway system by memory, solve brain-jumbling visual spatial problems, and more.



Ad Astra - Tempest - SpaceX Collaboration

I initiated a collaboration between the Ad Astra School and the nearby Tempest gym. At the time, the school did not have an athletics program. To solve this, I contacted the manager of the South Bay Tempest location and organized a partnership. This included scheduling morning and afternoon SpaceX shuttles to transport students and advertising it to the students. Approximately 60% of the school joined the program in the first year.



Product Brainstorms with P&G

Procter & Gamble representatives worked with a select group of students from Ad Astra school to brainstorm a new product idea to be used by astronauts. We decided that dehydrated plants with medicinal properties would be tightly packed into designated areas of rockets and sent to space as a way of providing them with necessary nutrients that are naturally grown.



Collaboration with OROS Apparel

OROS manufactures clothing lines using NASA's aerogel insulation technology. My teammate and I created 3D designs for a variety of products, as well as testing the material to see what configurations would be most effective. By the end of the designing period, one of our blueprints was chosen to move onto the next round in the manufacturing process.




Class Dojo has an outreach of over 10 million kids. They took student-written CONUNDRUMS, simplified ethical dilemmas, and published them for kids everywhere in the world to study. One of my own CONUNDRUMS was animated and released in the first season (“The Treasure Conundrum”).



VEX Robotics

My school’s Robotics program had two teams, with the identifications 92305A and 92305B. We won first place in a regional competition and therefore moved on to the state level during the 2019-2020 school year. Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, in-person competitions were discontinued and competitions were held online through simulations of the robots. My task was to oversee the team's progress and assign new jobs based on what was being completed. Then I took note of that progress in the Engineering journal to be directly judged by the panel.


Jan 17-19, 2020

Best Tech-Cares Project at Collegiate-Level Hackaton

The purpose of Big Ben is to help our future generations develop good financial habits early on so that they can avoid developing bad habits later. Kids enjoy seeing interactive things on a website such as funny videos and challenges, which Big Ben uses to keep users interested.


Mar 4, 2020

Presenter at Santa Cruz Works New Tech

After winning CruzHacks 2020 in February, my team was invited back to present at the Santa Cruz Works New Tech event in front of investors and entrepreneurs.


Sep 19-25, 2020

1st Place at Z-Hacks for Social Justice

Kid volunteers read to sick kids in hospitals to promote mental health during these social distancing times. Patients are able to find volunteers that they can talk to and call with. Storiology was made for patients to distract them from their pain and help them grow academically.



Helicume Business Pitch

Helicume aims to stop the massive loss of helium from Earth's atmosphere through recycling the liquid helium used in MRI machines. The video and slideshow proposal became a semi-finalist in the Conrad Virtual Innovation Summit 2021.



Competitive Business Club

I founded and am the President of the Competitive Business Club in Mira Costa High School. There are over 20 members in the club, who form groups to participate in national entrepreneurship competitions. These include the Conrad Challenge, the Diamond Challenge, and the Blue Ocean Competition.

Jun 25-27, 2021

Best Education Hack at Citro Hacks

ARCH serves as an internship recruiting site that prioritizes potential as much as achievement, to level the playing field for less experienced students. New students hoping to get into an industry have an uphill battle fighting for a spot in an internship program, but ARCH solves this by incorporating an intern’s skills, past projects, achievements, and age into the equation.


Jul 10-12, 2021

Best Design at Hack the Cloud 2.0

The project White Sky is a fun, kid's program that helps them arrange their daily schedule in order to build organizational and time management habits early on.


Jan 14-16, 2022

Winner of Two Categories at CruzHacks 2022

REMEDY is an AI trained with over 27,000 photos of various skin conditions, from eczema to melanoma cancer. It analyzes a picture the user submits in the app of a possible disease site, and returns the expected condition. 1st place winner in the following categories: Best High School Project and UCSC Genomics Institute Sponsor