2020-Present: Mira Costa High School Founded and is currently the President of the Competitive Business Club. Competing in 3 entrepreneurship competitions.
2019-Present: Stanford Online High School Currently taking the History & Philosophy of Science course; member of the OHS Incubator club for 2 years. Competing in 3 entrepreneurship competitions.
2015-Present: Colburn School of Performing Arts Attended many piano competitions, workshops, recitals, and performances. Member of the Ed and Mari Edelman Chamber Music Institute for 2 years.
2018-2020: Ad Astra School Collaborated with companies such as Tempest Freerunning Academy, Procter & Gamble, OROS Apparel, and Class Dojo.
2018-2019: Davidson Young Scholars Took the Critical Thinking and Writing course.
2017-2018: Day Creek Intermediate School Recruited to apply for the Ad Astra School and worked for it throughout the year.
2011-2017: Grapeland Elementary School Won numerous school-level awards including but not limited to: Spelling Bee, Science Fair, Talent Show, and the Student of the Year Award.